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Registration advice centre

Our knowledge base provides instant access to the answers for many common questions, or will put you in touch with an advisor who is able to help.

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Please understand that our advisors can only respond to questions regarding registration. We cannot provide advice on licensing or legal issues, or comment on individual cases. You may wish to see our links pages for other related services.

Help pages and factsheets

The information pages and fact sheets listed below provide answers to most questions we receive regarding your rights and registration.

Help pages

Common copyright questions

The answers to our most commonly asked questions about copyright.

Common registration questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about registration.

Postal copyright registration questions

Answers most questions about the postal registration process. Also, if you are submitting by post and are unsure what type of media to use to send your work, or how to register an unusual item, the registration format pages will help you decide.

Online registration questions

Answers most questions about the online registration process. Registering online is by far the most popular method. For most applicants, online registration provides a faster and cheaper way to register work securely.

Fact sheets

P-01: UK copyright law

P-02: Protecting copyright

P-03: Using copyright notices

P-04: Copyright registration

P-05: Copyright infringement

P-07: Music copyright

P-08: Copyright law - The Berne Convention

P-09: Understanding fair use

P-10: Duration of copyright

P-11: Website copyright

P-12: Writers copyright

P-13: Seeking permission

P-14: The Universal Copyright Convention

P-15: Designs and design rights

P-16: Photography copyright

P-17: Updating copyright registrations

P-18: Names, titles and copyright

P-19: Using registered notices

P-20: Copyleft

P-21: Protecting ideas

P-22: Derivative works

P-23 Registering Websites

P-24 Registering photographic works

P-25 Registering literary works

P-26 Registering art and design work

P-27 Using the work of others

Our most popular fact sheets, ‘P-01 UK copyright law’, ‘P-03 Using copyright notices’, ‘P-27 Using the work of others’ and ‘P-05 Copyright infringement’ are available in a free to reproduce PDF format for educational establishments, libraries, advice centres and other non-commercial organisations. Download the free fact sheet pack.

Information pack

Our copyright information and registration pack also contains fact sheets and registration application form F-01.