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Fact sheets

P-01: UK copyright law

P-02: Protecting copyright

P-03: Using copyright notices

P-05: Copyright infringement

P-07: Music copyright

P-08: Copyright law - The Berne Convention

P-09: Understanding fair use

P-10: Duration of copyright

P-11: Website copyright

P-12: Writers copyright

P-13: Seeking permission

P-14: The Universal Copyright Convention

P-15: Designs and design rights

P-16: Photography copyright

P-18: Names, titles and copyright

P-20: Copyleft

P-21: Protecting ideas

P-22: Derivative works

P-27 Using the work of others

Our most popular fact sheets, ‘P-01 UK copyright law’, ‘P-03 Using copyright notices’, ‘P-27 Using the work of others’ and ‘P-05 Copyright infringement’ are available in a free to reproduce PDF format for educational establishments, libraries, advice centres and other non-commercial organisations. Download the free fact sheet pack.

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Payment, refund and cancellation policy

Payment is due at the time of registration: For online transactions, payment is taken as the last step of the online registration process. For postal registrations, payment should be included with the application. To help prevent fraud we cannot allow credit/debit card payments to be split across multiple cards. Digital copies of as PDF documents invoices/receipts will be sent once application processing is fully complete.

In accordance with statutory law, consumers will have a 7 day ‘cooling off period’ after purchase in which they have the right to cancel and receive a full refund. Refund claims after this time will be considered on an individual basis, but clients should be advised that as the main chargeable service is provided at the time of processing, there is normally no obligation to issue refunds. Any claim must be made within 30 days of the date of registration. To protect against fraudulent transactions, refunds for card payments can only be made to the card the payment was original payment was taken from.

If the client chooses to cancel the contract and terminate the registration early, items deposited cannot normally be returned, and payment will not be refunded for early termination.

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